Dr. Michael Ellenburg

Dr. Michael J. Ellenburg ND, MPH, LAc

Dr. Ellenburg received his bachelor of arts in biology in 1994. He graduated from the Rollins School Public Health at Emory University with a Masters in Public Health in 1997. In 1997, he started his naturopathic medical education at Bastyr University in Seattle, Washington. In 2001 he graduated from Bastyr with his Naturopathic Medical Doctorate, and again in 2004 with a Masters Degree in Acupunture.

Dr. Ellenburg was born and raised in Alaska, and has been providing naturopathic medical treatment for Alaskans since 2004

Dr Robert

Medical Consultant – Robert G. Thompson, M.D.

Dr. Thompson graduated from University of Kentucky College of Medicine in 1977. He completed his internship in Pediatrics in 1978 at the University of California, Irvine and Residency on Obstetrics and Gynecology at Pennsylvania State University in 1982.

He was Board Certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology in 1984, which he practiced for 30 years with specialty certifications in Advanced Pelviscopic and Hysteroscopic Surgery and Microsurgery and Tubal Reanastimosis. He was recognized as a Certified Reproductive Surgeon in 1988 and was chosen Best Physicians in America in 1996. He served in the US Army Reserves from 2002 to 2011 as a Lt. Colonel with distinction. His medical practice is now exclusively focused on achieving wellness and anti-aging medicine.

Dr. Thompson has patients all over the world seeking his expertise in the clinical application of tissue mineral analysis, correct management of hypothyroidism, and state of the art bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. Dr. Thompson is now committed to advancing the practice of Medicine worldwide through his groundbreaking book, The Calcium Lie, written in 2008, with the first accurate description of Type 2 Hypothyroidism. His new book, The Calcium Lie 2, has many new observations, conclusions, more references, and new health revelations. The Calcium Lie 2 aims at taking leadership in the field of medicine in the treatment and eradication of osteoporosis, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, 5 types of hypothyroidism, birth defects and more while exposing numerous health lies that plague us all. Dr. Thompson takes great passion in helping his patients back to health through correct supplementation, balancing and replacing minerals and hormones. Dr. Thompson practices in Anchorage and Soldotna.

To schedule an appointment in Anchorage or Soldotna please call 907-260-6914, you can also visit his website at www.calciumlie.com.

Dr. Markian Babij

Medical Consultant – Dr. Markian Babij

Dr Markian Babij Completed his medical degree at Southwest College of Naturopathic medicine and health Sciences in Arizona.  On his completion he continued his clinical work at a local primary care office and completed his residency during that time.  He served chronically ill patients and coordinated his mothers Cancer care while working with Cancer Treatment Centers of America.  During his time with CTCA he served as an inpatient hospitalist and chair of the breast cancer working group.  Dr Babij completed his fellowship with the Board of Naturopathic Oncology and currently serves our Cancer community with both Conventional support and Natural treatments for chronic illness. 

Dr Babij notes  “Practicing medicine is both art and science”.   Prior to Alaska Dr Babij worked in medical research specific to natural agents.  He has an understanding of conventional oncology care practice and serves patients with a functional medicine approach.  In practice “it is my goal to use lifestyle and natural agents to optimize the cellular environment.  I partner with my patients to facilitate a unique approach that is patient centered.  Keeping patients accountable and informed results in optimized health.”
Dr Babij’s role is to help patients see the truth that underlies a specific health issue, and make a plan to guide patients in a way that fits them uniquely.  Dr B has a passion for education and working with groups of people to instill lifelong change.